In-house challenge 2019

Kids 55Lbs
1st place    Milo  Bankston
2nd Place  Matthew da Silva

Kids 63 Lbs
1st Place  Henry Diune
2nd Place Willian Seyfarth

Kids 66 Lbs
1st Place  Lucas Ribeiro
2nd Place Henry Diune
3rd Place  Julia Fagundes

Kids 75 Lbs
1st Place  Eduardo Martins
2nd Place Juliana Yuastella

Kids 79.8 Lbs
1st Place  Jonathan Santos 
2nd Place Lincoln Garcia 
3rd Place  Kauan Reis 

Kids 63 Lbs
1st Place  Ryan Diune
2nd Place Isaque Ribeiro
3nd Place Sophie Rasulov
4th Place  Guo Zheng Spillere

Kids 63 Lbs
1st Place  Elena Pacheco
2nd Place Diana Pacheco
3rd Place  Timea Kepic
4th Place  Jovane Yuastella

Kids 161 Lbs
1st Place   Katelyn Diune
2nd Place  Hayle Ortla

Adults Blue and Purple
1st Place   Rick Pacheco
2nd Place  Hunter Choquet
3rd Place   Ron Dinoble
4th Place   Jules Ambry- Peirine

White Belt Master 168 Lbs  
1st Place  Nick Bernat
2nd Place Matt Bolman

Blue Belt Master 4 195 Lbs
1st Place  Peter Recore
2nd Place 

Brown / Blue  Master 3 195 Lbs
1st Place   Emin Rasulov
2nd Place  Ron Ortla



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